Thursday, 30 October 2008

Home at last.

First posting from the new house!

We might not have a sink in the downstairs bathroom, or a washing machine, or many other things we were promised (builder obv. had fingers crossed behind his back) would be done by now; but we've got broadband which has SIGNIFICANTLY improved my mood.

Also - went for a run yesterday . Just 5K (29.30) but it was brilliant. Up hill for 1.2miles without any reprieve - but a great view when you got there - and the joy of running back down for the rest. Good to get the legs working again and feel the heart pumping. Also brought a smile to my ever stressed face!

Think TheO was v pleased to see this - I've been pretty terrible to live with over the last few weeks. I don't deal well with change/packing/moving/camping/any situation where everything isn't in its place. But we're getting there - sort of. Despite being promised (see, there's that word again) a joiner today he still hasn't turned up.

Over the last few weeks I must have done things of note, things that were fun and delightful but at the moment I can only feel the permanent ache of arms that have packed and carried too many items.

However, that said, we did have a party the day we moved in. Oh yes, 12 of us, 10 who stayed (on beds, with duvets and pillows) christened the new house. The heating did us proud - let us not talk of the hot water... it's very fiddly to set - and we haven't got the knack yet. Luckily there is also an emersion. Ah well, there's always going to be teething troubles.

All those that helped to lift and shift and unpack a vast array of boxes are due a huge thank you - or maybe another party - we could not have done it all without you. Special word goes out to Rockgod who obviously was born without the ability to say:"Sod you and your large bits of furniture and your old doors that you can't squueze a mouse through, sod your complicated items from Ikea." His patience was magnificent and everything he built is still intact! Genius.

Right - I'm off to clean/unpack/order my tax disc online/cancel by BT account/order more stuff/have lunch.

xx Thanks for the patience.

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