Saturday, 15 November 2008

Run, ruuuuuuun, ruuuuuuuuuuuun

...from the wrath of me. No, not really. I've been on a remarkably even keel the last few days. Possibly TheO's hissy-fit (with stamping foot and e/thing) alerted me to the fact that every tiny inconvenience/thing that goes wrong should not be treated as if it is literally: Maybe a little perspective could be reached? This is v true, but man alive - that perspective shit is much easier to get your hands on once you've had a run, the house is warm, you feel well nutritioned, and you've fixed the PS3 (don't even ask).

Yadda mcyadda - the house continues in the right direction with all the usual gripes. But hey the deco is really getting there and we've got CURTAINS (and a curtain pole that fell down - those damn rawl plugs exist for a reason people - skipping that step will only cause you pain).

Also we found some great stuff for the house today. A fantastic mini table which is now TheO's desk. It's in the living room and means I can sit *here* and blog whilst she ... you can see why fixing the PS3 mattered! Also a funky chair.

But - the run. Inside, on a treadmill - a fantastic 5 miles (longest in forever) in my fastest ever time 46.57. Brilliant. I didn't even know it was my fastest until I checked. Quite unexpected and quite lovely. The first 4 miles were on aerobic setting with some small hills (3%), then the last was all on 1%. It was so nice to get some more miles done. It was hard, but mostly in a muscular way - the respiratory system is holding up quite well. My poor feet were quite surprised but they'll get used to the distances again soon.

Ahwell, got loads of work done this week too. All in all more productive than last week.

Here's to a good w/end. And can anyone explain how one day we get -1 weather then the next a balmy 12 degrees. V weird, but I'm not complaining. Oh no. Me, complain?

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