Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Help me yes, Kevin-the-contractor has abandoned our house with lots of things still to do. My level of fury has surpassed anything previously felt for Kevin and his ineptitude and ridiculousness. It will all get done, it's just going to be much harder and probably more expensive. Who walks away from a job when there is still so much to do? Wanker.

Today I will be mostly hating.


Karin said...

That's absolutely horrible! Contractors can be a real pain to deal with - sorry to hear yours turned out to be THE pain.

MF said...

Oh good God. What a pile of human excrement he is! I am furious on your behalf! I hope that you find someone to finish the job who is efficient and great and not extremely expensive. Oh and quick! Sending many hugs your way... M.x
PS Sorry we couldn't do dinner last night. :o(

jogblog said...

I feel your pain, I had a bathroom/workmen nightmare a couple of years ago and am still traumatised. Hope you get it sroted.