Saturday, 2 August 2008

Almost missed it.

It's 2 years (yesterday) since I started running. I'm not sure I've stuck with anything hobby-like for 2 years+ before. Long may this continue.

To 'celebrate' (ie - because I'm in training for the Island Half and have to) I went out on a good 8 miler yesterday. It was hilly as hell (the biggest challenge being a hill 0.6miles long) and quite hot too. I managed it in 1.22.38 with a nice average of 10.19 a mile. This felt pretty good for a training run, especially as it's been a hideously long 4 weeks and 1 day since I've gone that far.

I came back and checked my stats. It was my fastest ever 8 miles... or not. In my delight at running so well last month I'd neglected to update my PBs. On the flat into St. Andrews I managed an impressive (for me) 1.19.28 (taking a whole 4min 14 off my previous best).

Despite moments of yesterday's run hurting (v unusual for me, the legs were aching for miles 1 & 2) it felt great to be out covering some decent distance again. I'm quite excited about the prospect of a half - even if I don't really know how hilly it might be.

I'm feeling quite reflective today. Two years seems like such a long time. And so much has happened: Amazing places (Iceland, Madrid, Southern-Spain, Malta, lots of new bits of Scotland, Skye), First Races, First Marathon, Getting Nedded, Moving House (in a few weeks), Big Trade Shows, Exhibitions, Trying New Sports (Climbing, Tennis)... despite the lack of scintillating description at times, it really has been an exciting few years.

Through all of it the running has continued. I'm delighted that, apart from race times, all my PBs have now been set in 2008. It seems like progress. Looking back I can still remember the first time I ever ran 5K. I was so delighted (it was about 37min) and it was such a surprise; to enjoy something so simple really gives me a mental boost. It's the perfect combination of relaxing and challenging.

It still all takes me by surprise. The confidence that general fitness gives cannot be over-estimated. Even on days when I feel (and, truth be told, am) fat, knowing what your body can achieve gives me a boost. It makes me a bolder and more confident person. I'm less likely to worry about 'looking stupid' when I do something; the little voice of confidence can always whisper: "You might be shite as this, but you've run a marathon!" However, this also leads to weight complacency which is nothing but a bad thing. Still more pounds to go, but being an active person (I know, who'd of thunk it) makes it all the easier to control the bad days, and shed a few pounds on the good ones.

There could be a negative to all this. What was once a relatively competitive person has now become a snarling competitive crazed beast. (But hell, you've got to take the rough with the smooth, right?) Also, the sports bra obsession is not healthy. (Although, apparently, what 90% of people who find my blog are looking for.)

Ah, 2 years in and so many miles still to run. What a bloody brilliant feeling.

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