Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Two Face

Good Things:
  1. A lovely dinner with Artist in Aberdour. Great chat with new, and not so new, people.
  2. Sis-in-Law stayed - sans sprogs - and we had a fabby dinner at The Fish Restaurant (yum!)
  3. Artist also stayed and brought us a picture as Nedding gift. (Sweet indeed.)
  4. I had a tennis lesson and can now hit a two-handed back hand.

Bad Things:
  1. TheO got food poisoning (before either of the delightful events listed above).
  2. If the frickin plumber and tiler don't finish our bathroom soon (it's been a month) I might go insane... TheO needs her bath back.
  3. I was told I'm not allowed to play tennis - I've got 4 colours of practice balls to work through before I'm allowed to play with a real person... and real balls. (I see some humour in this.)
  4. I have a crappy cough that killed me this morning and made me cry (because I am a big wuss). Coughing and running are not compatible.

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