Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Two things

1. On Sunday we visited the new house. I can't wait to move. I love it there, it's just more exciting with every trip; definitely starting to get itchy feet now - all the stuff just has to get moving. We also visited the Visitors Centre as someone told us it had a deli. It does, and it's pretty marvellous. The bread selection sucks but it has some good meat and cheese, a small wine selection and great biscuits. Good enough to help you out of a fix if you forget some stuff for a dinner party. Excellent news.

The chickens are also still alive, well, the ones we saw are - but there were far fewer than last time. I assume they've gone to pastures new, where they get fed more often... hopefully they'll come back. :-(

2. On Monday I did my last long run pre Coll Half:
This run rocked. TheO came with me on the bike despite it being the wettest and most disgusting experience for the fist 6 miles. She was a trooper.
2.00.56 for 12 miles
1663 calories
avg 10.05 (only slightly gutted)

10.29 - broke 10min mile avg by 14 seconds on a damn hill - boooo
10.42 - delighted to be done.

Still delighted, it was hard and I felt a bit crampy at 10.5 miles onwards but managed to hold it off. Also definitely felt strong enough to do another 1.1 mile at the end.

Was my best training run for 10 miles ever (by 2.50). And I think my best 12 mile training run ever ... just checked , it is by far, and OMG I never do 12 mile training runs. It's always 8 or really long for some reason. Only 2 other 12s exist in my diary... weird.

Used puffer before and straight afterward but was good chest wise for the rest of the run. Feel quite well prepared for Coll now, even though it'll be much hillier than I can possibly expect.
All of that run report was written with the endorphins still flowing. Now I'm a little bit stiff and sore. My legs feel like I raced yesterday! My hip is a tiny bit achy too. But, my major gripe is that it was so wet that my tshirt and shorts got soaking and gave me an 1" long blister across my belly button. They never give me blisters, but the rain was ridiculous, I was soaked through by mile 3 and it felt as it someone was adding weights to my legs for the next 3 as the water weighed down my clothes. However it was my first run in the rain. (I don't know quite how I've avoided it living in Scotland and running consistently for the last 2 years, but I have.) The rain is, to me, like a nice cool temperature - only a good thing. The damn sun and anything above about 14 degrees is my problem (that's 60ish for those in the states). Ah well, Coll could be anything from a winter swamp to a Caribbean dream - we'll just have to wait and see.


Anonymous said...

Good luck with the Half on Saturday.....hope it goes well for you ;o) Alaistair...

Seshat said...

You love the house? What a coincidence! I love the house, too. We're surely made for each other.