Saturday, 9 August 2008

Because lists are easier.

1. Was randomly diagnosed with Asthma on the 6th. A bit surprising and irritating but all will be well once it's under control. Supposedly it's "typical adult onset" asthma, and has manifested itself with a cough that mostly happens at night and stops me sleeping through the night. It sucks a bit right now.

2. On the 7th the delightful RF stayed (she was having a massage from TheO). We had a wonderful chicken stew (and I'm not one for stew) and then some homemade ice cream. Fresh cherry and chocolate in real vanilla ice cream. It was (and still is) delicious.

3. I've managed two gym sessions this week. A good 5K all at 9.15 pace on hills in the gym. This was followed by 1h of tennis practice with TheO throwing balls to me. Yesterday I did another more old fashioned gym session (preceeded by another 30min tennis session with TheO):
3k arm weights in each arm

12 x lateral raise each arm
12 x tricep dip each arm (behind head)

40 x bicep curl each arm
3 x 12 on weight 6 lateral pull down
3 x 12 on weight 5 pectoral push

sit ups
3 x 20 holding 2k medicine ball

2 x 30second planks
4.2miles on reclining bike
direct swap to upright bike 2 miles
total time 28.30 so 10K in total

The upshot is that today my arms ache for the first time in ages.
I'm off to nurse them, and maybe do something more productive.


*THE UK* D said...

Just thought I'd comment on the asthma; I was diagnosed a few years back with asthma, I had been coughing regularly mainly late at night and losing sleep due to it and thus feeling very run down. Went to the local GP and they did a peak flow test and I was off the scale in a good way. I pointed out that at 3am I'd barely be able to do a 1/4 of that! Was suggested that it was atmospheric conditions causing it. I've discovered since that it's harvesting time that sets it off; lots of crap in the air that makes me wheezy, so by recognising that I can take the nexessary preventative inhaler and all is well!

Hopefully this will be the same for you. On a positive note, it does mean you qualify for free flu jabs! ;-)


SAM said...

This made me feel better than you could imagine. Many thanks D.

It was a v v rough few days and a little ray of sunshine was brought by this message. Hopefully I'm on the mend now.