Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Never did I imagine ...

... that tiny, super-fit, friends (I mean, friend) would ever be bemoaning that I write "perky" blogs about how lovely running is. This made me giggle so much that:

I was going to bypass this post and just mention it another time. But as I now feel happily goaded I'll just say that TheO and I went to the gym today. I did a wonderful 4 miles on rising intervals which meant 2min 50 on 0% followed by 2min 50 going up from 2% to 7%. It was my fastest 4 miles ever at 34.57 and felt fantastic - even if I found it hard to breathe and walk (either independently or simultaneously) afterward.

I then managed to hold it together long enough to do the tricep pull, the lateral pull and the tummy machine (although not on my preferred weight). After this I staggered to the car.

If it makes RF feel any better this trip was pre-ceeded by ice cream from Janettas and post-ceeded (!) by Thai food. Not a great day for food. A really crappy day for food. But hell - at least some running was done. I'm finding it hard to tell if I ache from Thair food or if I ache from the running and the tummy machine.?!

Also - RF went for a surf. I want to go for a surf. Be all buffeted by the sea and salty - sounds bloody wonderful. Roll on some perfect summer day with crisp waves and sunshine in unlikely Scottish combination.

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The Professor said...

Sounds like mucho fun. Deeply surreal as Rock God and I had some Janettas for the first time in AGES at the weekend! Thought the wafers were very cute.