Monday, 2 June 2008

She returns, so much weaker than before

After the marathon I should have been taking it easy. Instead Monday dawned bright and early and saw us heading northward, far, far, northward (and a little west) in search of a perfect bothy. After 5 hours of driving (and a 20mile detour to collect the key) we tramped for a further 40min over hill and dale (this put some serious strain on the ole leg muscles) and arrived at the cottage to see a tent in the garden and people having tea. This was a surprise, but then, these things happen. The lady was extremely reluctant to let us in and after 30min of sitting outside in deep embarrassment and rising frustration and fury (with the stupid c**** of estate agents), and several calls back and forth to the agents (who initially claimed not to know who we were despite agreeing to the visit 5 days ago and giving us the key an hour previously) we had the shortest and shitest viewing of a house ever. Imagine a large continental woman standing in a small cottage doorway, opening the door and saying "that's a bedroom" whilst two of you try desperately to peer round her and actually see the place. Everything was done quickly and grudgingly. It sucked.
Luckily for the house it is in the most beautiful location EVAR. Unluckily the price is being messed around with and they want too much for it (considering it has no electricity or real water.. or, you know, access). Also she couldn't answer any of our questions and the agents haven't even replied to our pleas for information. JESUS - talk about money for old rope.

Well, moving onwards - the next few days were spent working and catching up with that pesky thing called laundry (it really does breed when you aren't looking).

On Wednesday we climbed back into Helga (who's seen a fair few miles in the last month or so; and may be suffering a little) and headed for Oban. It was time for our much delayed Coll trip to see Sis and Bro in law and the wonderful 'Phews. Luckily the "restaurant night" had been abandoned in favour of TheO cooking a wonderful meal instead. We were laden with only a few cool bags and our pooches.
These are my notes written on the return ferry yesterday:
An incredible Coll trip that really showed off the Island to its very best.
We arrived with sis-in-law and the 'phews and Coll was bathed in sunshine. (Admittedly I can't remember as I got food poisoning the day before and projectile vomited over the hotel in Oban before spending far too much time with Mr Shanks. I slept in the ferry and for 4h when we got to the house). That night I had roast chicken (tiny scrap) and baked potato. Excellent. Another good day followed with 2 beach trips and lovely nephews; we played and paddled and the dogs behaved pretty well for mainland pooches.

Fri night TheO cooked up a storm and I ate like a queen. A good night was had by all; the Collites were in good form (Sis in Law suffering slightly from pregnancy related nausea but she put in a fantastic showing) and the chat and wine flowed all too freely. [You know that a discussion where nipple hair and loo brushes are mentioned (not in the same breath) that everyone is quite well lubricated.]
Unfortunately the next day was less pleasant as my system rejected every scrap of food I'd had the night before. So I did some childcare duty in the sun whilst the Coll-ites worked soo hard to help set up a Project Trust 40th Party.
Then we saw the new sailing club start with loads of kids in tazo mini sailing dingies - eldest 'Phew managed to have a go and was brilliant - ie actually listened and did as he was told. Party that night was ruled out for me but all had fun and the hard worked seemed to be worthwhile. TheO was amazing and just let me rest and got on with everything: children, dogs, party duty, long walks on her own back from the party, and a fair amount of washing-up.

Sunday started with Islander cooking pancakes and progressed to fishing on their boat - mackrell, gurnard and pollack were all caught and the incredible weather just kept on coming, a flock of puffins passing overhead and a seal popping up to say hello made for some pretty incredible meamories. We were both sad to have to come home (and get some bloody work done) but were delighted to have appreciated every moment.

Couldn't have been better (apart from me being a bit ill). I come back tanned and considerably thinner (whoo hoo) - albeit by unpleasant means.
I really am much lighter - it puts the perspective on the illness - I feel like I did nothing but sleep and wander around lazily, and yet I've shed 8lb. Hmm, I hate knowing it's a false-loss and will creep back on all too easily. Yuck-Poo as Godlet would say.

Today I worked like the proverbial and got loads done. I smugly headed off to the Post Office at 5pm only to discover that in the 4 days I've been away our PO has changed its hours to a mere 9 - 12:30 every day. Most Frustrating!

I am really missing running - but all advice suggests doing bugger all until I can properly digest food. RF is better now but her digestive machinations did last a good few weeks. Keep your fingers crossed for me. Ooh off to put a potato in the oven.


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