Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Crumbling round the edges ...

Today we both managed to find ...
And we ordered ...
And we bought ... and ... and ...

You see - some pesky 'real people' who know me might read these ramblings so I can't tell you anything about what we did today as it was all nedding related. The nedding is only 15 - no really, 15 days away. I've already had my first anxiety dream: Badger - don't ask me how blinds work whilst I'm trying to get changed on the big day.

However the last week has been damn fine (as have the last 6 months as TheO toiled away on plans for the whole shebang and I acted like the grasshopper); it only seems fair that now a natural and realistic amount of panic is now setting in, burrowing down and making a big fat warm nest in my tummy. (Sounds a bit too much like tapeworm for my liking.)

I've discovered much to my chagrin that I might just be a bit of a bridezilla at heart. As a control freak who likes a neat world (except my desk and car), planning a bash for nearest and dearest when aspects cannot be fully controlled, and my desire to have some things 'just so' is on super-high level, and I have PMT, and our wonderful friends have planned the HAG (stag and hen combined you see) which happens in 2 days and I don't know what's happening (ok - I know roughly what to pack and where to go) - has set me into some kind of overdrive. Oh, and there's still a little bit of work to get done pre-nedding. And, and I tell you, I've found a great ... online and it's probably too late to order ... and even if I did order ... it's probably way too expensive. And why didn't I think about all this before when I was busy living in the sunshine grasshopper land. Can anyone say: CALM DOWN AND TAKE A DEEP FUCKING BREATH YOU COMPLETE STRESS-CADET

IN - - - OUT - - - IN - - - OUT - - - IN - - - OUT

Well, there has been some running.
A nice 5k up and down some serious hills in 33min. (The 26th)
A delightful 4 miler with TheO - 45min (30th).

And.. oh, no other exercise. Damn.

However I did have a dress fitting and discovered that whilst I loved my dress I was a little dissatisfied with my body. Not having a waist is a real pisser. Seriously. My boobs are about right for my ample shoulders but my waist and hips are all out of proportion. A UK size 18 waist and size 12 hips do not make for a sexy silhouette, they make for a bag of potatoes. Pah.

Distracting me from the discussion I was having with myself about my waist (as TheO was away for 2 whole days at Wimbledon and without constant human contact I talk to myself and the dogs in almost uninterrupted monologue) were Tigger and Badger who came up for the w/end. We had such a nice time: pooches walked on the beach, delightful lunch in town, the first BBQ of the season (if Scotland can be described as having such a thing), and a day rounded off with games (and Doctor Who which was surprisingly good - even though the dishwasher packed in half way through and I felt compelled to go and fix it).
Sunday followed all sunny and wonderful so we headed to West Lomond for a decent walk - it bucketed it down (as it had last time we attempted this feat)- so we headed to Balmerino and walked in blissful sunshine though the woods and let the dogs swim in the Tay.

Monday was wonderful as we had the unexpected pleasure of Wheeler, Training Wheels, and RF for dinner when we managed to have the roast pork not cooked over the w/end. The night was topped off with a fantastic walk up the hill in the near dark with our dogs running wild and Dougal (sooooo cute) walking practically to heel... Being left with the gift of Walnut (& something) Bread, as well as interiors magazine, was an unexpected pleasure.

Yesterday morning the plumber came. Honstly after years of trying to find one I wanted to pinch him and check he was real and not some kind of plumber-shaped mirage. But the dishwasher is fixed - haleluja! The god of appliances smiled on me. And, even more exciting our hideous shit-and-biscuit* coloured bathroom is going to be replaced (after living with it rotting away for 8 years) just in time for us to move. You've got to love the irony.

Signing off to go and examine our plans and purchases for the nth time today.

*This does describe the colour and not a level of cleanliness.

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