Thursday, 5 June 2008

Back to reality.

All v pleasant today. Whenever I get mildly snappish or grumpy (a usual state but exacerbated by hormones at present) TheO just turns to me and says "house". And it's true, it makes me smile just to think of it.


Sorry, drifted off there for a moment. Got a stack of work sent off again - and a few invoices done, all excellent news, means I might actually get paid. Also had a call from a new gallery that I started stocking a few weeks ago - they've managed to sell 4 pieces already. I'm delighted.

After my really very long hiatus from running post marathon (I've run a marathon you know, I feel I haven't mentioned this often enough in the last 10 days) today was the first run.

5k with TheO and the pooches in dead flat forest. Bloody wonderful, was so great to get back to it. My legs haven't forgotten how to move at relative speed, as I feared.

5k in 32.52 - Taking it nice and easy but not being too lax.

There was one point where I was running along and I thought: Running - it's like god invented a really great sport.

Needless to say I dismissed this thought in all its foolishness very quickly, but it did make me realise quite how much I'd missed it. Also, wow, 5K feels like a gentle stroll now - or maybe it only does because I'm sooo well rested. I kept thinking, I wonder how far I could run today if I just kept going? ... and wouldn't that be fun. Like all good things I might have to rein myself in - little (ish) and often does you good. Not the thought I had at mile 24 of the marathon (did I mention...): so, this ultra thing suddenly sounds like a great idea! I mean it must have been the endorphins talking - really, 'cos that's not a sensible thought.

Off to cleanse myself and mentally plan new bathrooms.

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