Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Getting Lazy

Today I was busy reading other people's blogs and suddenly realised I hadn't updated my own in quite some time.

The past 10 days have been quite busy:
1/TheO went away for the w/end to do her massage course - I stayed home with the dogs, got loads of work done, and ploughed my way through 6 years worth of interiors and homes magazines. (Seriously - I never thought keeping them would be useful, it was brilliant I've now got ideas for the bathrooms all sorted.) You can imagine that TheO was actually quite happy to miss this particular frenzy.

2/ Sis-in-law, Islander and the 'Phews turned up for a 2 day visit. Ostensibly so S-i-L could go and have a scan at Dundee. Yes, she is indeed with child. What we're convinced will be boy no. 3 is doing well and due in December. It was a great trip, very relaxed and the boys were delightful.

3/Managed to fit in a 2.1 mile run (20min) including some hills. I mistimed everything so it had to be short. But better than nothing.

4/Had a terrible bridezilla dress moment on discovering that the dressmaker had ordered the wrong fabric (as the one I wanted had been discontinued) and made a disgustingly horrid dress. All was ok on discussion - think she'd just had a panic (she lost a good friend the same week v suddenly) but luckily a further appointment reassured me and new fabric was chosen.

5/Did a great 4mile run in the gym with hills - 36.22 - really worked hard.

6/ HH and Teech came up for the w/end and we had a wonderful time. Great food, great (new) games, some sunshine, lovely chat. It was v relaxing for me as TheO managed to do pretty much everything despite being struck down by a tummy bug on Friday. She soldiered through and felt much better as the w/end progressed.

7/ Did 5k on the elliptical machine in 29.40. Some hills in the first half - but mostly oscillating between 1 and 3 (just realised these setting might be percentages? - does anyone know?).

8/ Actually had some good (and non-argumentative) nedding chat which made us both feel much calmer. Time is really ticking now.... eeek.

9/ House plans are still going ahead well. The documents are shuffling back and forth between solicitors as every detail gets sorted out. We've got a date. We've got a contractor for the work. Just keep your fingers crossed for us at every turn.

I'm now off to get some more work done - just a few things to finish off before I take a work hiatus for the nedding and the move. Might also try doing a decent length run today too. (Especially as we ran out of milk so I've got coffee with a mixture of skimmed milk and cream...)

Oh yes, the running. I really need to sign up for another race. Anything will do - but I also need fixed dates for moving etc. I need something to make me work as I'm going to get FAT and LAZY really quickly.

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