Thursday, 25 October 2007

Autumn Loveliness

On the 24th TheO and I went for a run together. It was really lovely. Misty and quite cold to start with but I soon remembered why I love this weather to run in - I don't overheat and feel horrible about 30min. We did a great 4 miles up to a tiny hamlet and back - nice and hilly and a good steady pace of 12min/mile. Really enjoyable - nice to get an outdoor run done, v proud that TheO managed 4 miles easily after quite a few weeks without a proper run. :)

25th Today (even though we're past the midnight hour) I managed to get a good deal of work done. Go to the doctors - boo hisss. And go bramble picking (blackberries for southerners and others) - is was so lovely and autumnal. We got a good basket full and might get a few more in the next few days, but it really is the end of the season. The dogs came with us and were only slightly put out by having an on-lead walk (spoilt brats). Saw lots of country things: flocks of birds, bursting hedgerows, tractors trundling past, horse riders waving hello, and dog walkers. Made you glad to be outside. Then TheO built a big fire in the living room and we decided not to go to aquafit... too cosy to move.

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