Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Once Bitten

Ah well, the Triumph arrived this morning. Please see the letter I wrote to the truly terrific online sports bra retailer Less Bounce minutes after its arrival.

Dear Less Bounce,

My new Triumph Tri-Action Extreme arrived this morning. As did an email from yourselves promoting the Daily Mail article.
It was this article (found online earlier in the month) that convinced me to try this particular bra - I've tried many others on their list and their comparisons and comments seemed fair.

I think you're about to get a flood of unsatisfied customers. I might be wrong, but having tried this bra, it does not stand up to comparison with many of the good sports bras listed. When taking it out of the packet I thought, "this doesn't look very supportive" but I thought I should, at least, try it on. I did. It's truly terrible: the sides are low and flimsy providing no real structure to the bra; the cups neither compress nor separate fully; the low scoop, two hook back is insufficient for a sports bra of this size; and the adjustable straps - even at their shortest - were too long for me, 5'6", and a woman of 5'8" (I got a friend to try it to check).

I was initially a little bit apprehensive when I called to order it and was told it 'hadn't been released yet'. That made me wonder if the Daily Mail article was really pushing a new product rather than doing a fair review. I now believe it was. (Please see post above for illumination.)

You are a respected and trusted retailer of sports bras and I have always thought your 'thumbs up' ratings turned out quite well - especially difficult in the very subjective world of sports bras. If you promote this bra with the Daily Mail article you will lose some of your reputation and respect.

I consider myself to be one of the first fools who fell for such an obvious advertising trick. I can get a refund (the bra will be posted back today) you will have to try much harder to rebuild your reputation.



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