Saturday, 27 October 2007

Reluctant activity

Been a busy few days.

26th - after some cajoling from TheO who was heading to her usual squash games - I actually made it to the gym. A new record was broken. I tried a fast mile - 7.19 - this is so incredibly exciting for 2 reasons. 1) I've finally (more than) halved my original time for a mile when I first ever ran. (It was 15min of death.) 2) I wasn't dead at the end - I managed to set the machine to 8.2mph and just keep running, plus a little bit of sprint at the end. Obviously this lack of death made me think I could have tried harder and therefore beaten the 7min barrier ... I would be kidding myself though. Baby steps. Then did all the weights - was knackered.

The 26th was also our anniversary - 9 years - 9 whole years ... how did that happen? Well, I was crap and did nothing for it (unusually) so in return I was spoilt with great gifts. *Beams uncontrollably!* The only hilarious point of note is that we split a half-bottle of champagne, "so we don't feel all grouchy and headachy after exercise". Pathetic.

Today (27th) TheO was feeling restless so instead of heading-off to the wilds for a few days (kyboshed by me who's having an I LOVE BEING AT HOME moment) we headed off to Perthshire for a 'proper walk'. The book suggested it was an unchallenging 7 miles and should take 3-31/2h. It was the Den and Hill of Alyth walk found in the Pathfinder guide series No 27, if anyone should care. The first mile and a half was stunning: through a tiny valley with Autumnal trees turning the sky golden and the ground a burning red. The dogs ran freely up and amongst the trees and down, taking full advantage of the stream. It was deserted and completely peaceful. The next mile and half was on roads - a little trickier with the dogs but we only saw a few cars and we were still in the midst of a lovely deciduous wood.

This is where things began to go awry. The book stated we would find a sign to Hill of Alyth Walk - we didn't. There was a sign for a different walk. But after a v small detour we decided to ignore the written instructions and stick with the OS map image. Luckily this was a good decision. Further instructions told us to turn "half-left" when the signs, road and OS images clearly suggested it was turn RIGHT. The final fury being: "walk down this road", neglecting to mention there was no 'road', only a deep,rough, grass track with multiple gates. These irritation led to a bit too much book reading and at times slightly frenzied discussion. However the length of walk was just right - only 6 miles completed in 2.50, and we all (both four and two footed) had a lovely day. Stopped on the way home at the old Alyth station - now the Belmont Arms Hotel where they gave us great coffee with shortbread and mints (I'm easily impressed) and the food looked good, possibly a place to remember.

Now recovering from take-away related indigestion. Knowing I brought it all on myself doesn't make it hurt any less. :-(

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warriorwoman said...

7:19 sounds pretty darn good for a mile. I'm content enough when my kilometres take that long.