Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Finally made it back to the gym today after too much fun, frivolity and feasting to go into detail.
It's been a bit of a whirlwind recently and we're not even started on Christmas!
Since I was last here there's been a day in Edinburgh xmas shopping, a circuits class which was ABS HELL, dinner with some village ladies, a murder mystery party (whoo hoo), and, and I tell you - the neighbours took us out for dinner ('cos we looked like we needed feeding up after that lot!).

Everything seems to be slowly coming together. Getting (almost) all the xmas orders done was a real bonus. It feels a little like taking the monkey off my back. I just needed to know they were all where they were supposed to be well before xmas; much better than having nervous and irritated clients calling to 'just make sure' that items will arrive in time. So understandable, I too get a little impatient at this time of year. ... If I've paid for the delivery... I expect delivery in decent time.

Ah well. Today was a day of relaxation. A lie in was called for, then my only plan involved sending off parcels and going for a run.

I managed 10K - the furthest I've gone in 7 weeks (since the dreaded half). And it was quite painless, and rather lovely. Apart from me being a muppet: TheO had jumped out at the post-office and run from there. I'd seen her on my way to the gym. She initially hadn't fancied too long a run so I was sure I'd see her at the gym pretty smartly.

I ran for 4.2 miles (38.25) and got really quite panicy (can often happen to me when I run anyway, think it's a kind of syndrome). It had been almost 40 min since I arrived and she was only 10min from the gym when I passed her. Even taking into account a much longer run it was now really, really dark - and surely she had to come in soon.

Luckily I managed to hold it together mentally (for a bit) as people kept coming into the gym and no-one had that tell-tale look on their face that said "oh my god did you see the mangled and mutilated body of that runner lying by the side of road". My real fear was that, as it was dark, she'd run along the woodland path and was simply fallen and injured.

So thinking that I'd never forgive myself if I 'just finished my run' before searching for her prone body I got off the running machine (this is something that may never have happened before). I made a quick sweep of the changing room, headed outside, and saw a v happy and relaxed TheO running past me. Ascertaining she was absolutely fine, and had waved at me twice (sadly I couldn't see the outside from my position in the gym) I quickly hot footed it inside to finish my run.

I think I was away from the machine for a MAXIMUM of 3 min. So I did my last 2 miles in 18. 18
This gave me a fine total of 56.43 - not bad given I did lots of hills and am a little out of practice.

This week I just have to keep the running up and the eating down. And get the rest of the presents sorted and wrapped. Then I'll be all prepared for Christmas. Oh yes I will.


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Merry Christmas Sam...hope you both enjoy the holidays and keep warm in this awful weather. Great to read your running & running well......Kindest Regards......Alaistair...