Tuesday, 8 December 2009

What is it about this time of year?

I seem to be constantly busy, often not sure what I'm achieving, and regularly only fitting in ONE exercise session a week - which, in turn, doesn't help with the first two.

After the hideousness that was circuits I was determined to go to the gym on Sunday - before our guests came round. I didn't. The day seriously got away from us. Soooo the Monday was a hangover. *Shudder* I just drank way too much. It was a great night with some truly stellar food thanks to TheO - an incredible smoked salmon pate with walnuts (YUM) and then a brilliant roast. Also it turns out that the woman, who doesn't like cooked fruit, makes the best apple crumble ever.

I've also managed to get some work done this week - and get the rest of the Christmas orders under control. So, to celebrate a few days of activity we're off to Edinburgh to get some xmas shopping done tomorrow. An early start is planned. Urg.

But really I stopped in here to gloat (albeit in a quiet and unassuming manner) about beating my 5 mile time again. 44.41 so about 8.56 a mile. This really pleases me. If I'm going to be a lazy arse brat and not do much in a week, I might as well make the session count, right?

It was one of those runs (treadmill - again) that just makes you happy. Everything works, everything comes together, you've run the first mile without really thinking about it... just a damn good session. Followed by lots of stretching and 10 press-ups.

Then I had dinner made for me. (Oh so appreciated.)
Now I've got to sort out the Christmas lists for tomorrow. (And remember to come back and work rather than veg out on return.)

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