Monday, 26 October 2009

Racing away

Well, this should be a long blog about the race. But it was beyond hideous. Many things that have never happened before all occurred.

1. Very sore legs from mile 6 onwards
2. No endorphin rush at all
3. I apparently 'forgot' to drink enough
4. Had to take walking breaks

So - as you can see it wasn't the most pleasant of experiences. I managed a stonking personal worst which I will discuss in detail once I get back from a few days away with TheO. I'm still at a point where I need a little distance and perspective to try and work out why it all went tits-up.

The 'going away' is TheO's birthday present, so tomorrow we head off ... and she has no idea where she's going, which makes a v nice change.

However we're both recovering from a crappy, crappy cold. I came down with it yesterday morning, it attacked the lungs first with a rubbish cough. Now I've had a fever and sore joints. But luckily the fever has broken (it topped out at 100.6) and I'm really feeling much more chipper, I just seem to need more tissues.

TheO has been working through it very womanfully for a good few days and I really haven't been sympathetic enough. I'm rubbish when others are ill, and then need maximum support and understanding when I have a sniffle. She needed much more care than I gave, and deserves extra, bonus "super supporter" points for coming and supporting me and Dr.S on the run. How she managed to stand and clap/cheer/hand out sweeties whilst feeling as rubbish as I've felt I have no idea. Sheer will and determination, plus maybe she likes me a bit... that might help.
(Got knows why RF and Tigger did it... but "super supporters" they are.)

Only regret is feeling sooo utterly rubbish (run + illness I think) that we never made it to Blarney's ... and she made scones and cakes and everything... I'm still v sorry, but luckily she's incredibly understanding (and I told here you can freeze scones which cheered her somewhat).

With TheO in mind we have (yet again) done not a jot (quite willingly) to celebrate our anniversary. We've been together for 11 years now, and 'nedded' for 1 yr 100 days.* It seems to be working quite well. Long may it continue.

Luckily every day just seems to be a little better than the last illness wise, so I'm fairly convinced the next two days will be joyus.

*I need to point out that it's quite easy to remember that your wedding and your anniversary are 100 days apart, I don't 'count the days' or anything freakish. And yes, if you do count the days, I definitely consider it FREAKISH.

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