Monday, 12 October 2009

10 miles

Now this should be a short post as I'm using the lap top, lying on the bed, and seriously giving myself neck strain.

*lies down for a short while*

We've reached a period in time where everything gets genuinely busy. Litt'lest 'phew had a christening party over the w/end, and we've got family staying. Tomorrow MaYa, Islander and the boys arrive, then we had a dinner for 10 on Thursday and another on Friday, and another on Sat.

Then we lie down and chill out for a few days.

But, more importantly let me tell you about the 10 miles.
I had to fit it in on Friday as I knew time was v much against me for the rest of the w/end.
And it was raining, and I needed to push myself so I went to the gym.

1 mile in 9.13 on a dead-flat treadmill
Quick shift to the better treadmill which did make me look a little psychotic, but the dead flat one (I swear it has a negative gradient) is no good for training.
Next 9 miles were done on the aerobic setting, so the machine went up to 3% for 3 hills over the course of those miles, and all but 9min were at 1% or above.

I was delighted by my 1h 32min for the whole thing. (Sadly I don't know how many seconds as the machine doesn't tell you those if you run for over an hour.) I really did push myself but I generally felt quite comfortable. It does suck not to have done it outside. But given the gradient I'm prepared not to beat myself up too badly. I'll just enjoy my new record... a whole 4 min faster than the old one; this sounds great but is really on 15seconds a mile faster.

Still feel like I'm quite on course for the half in 2 weeks time. But know I still have another long run to go before that. And so many other things happening. And dogs coming to stay. And work to be getting on with.

Just thinking about it all makes me want a lie down.

I am however mighty,mighty proud of TheO who went for a 5 miler today. And then managed to only have a small salad for lunch afterwards. That's what I call dedication to the cause.

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