Monday, 19 October 2009

Just a Run

So much has happened over the last 8 days - mostly a whirlwind of family and friends staying. 10 for dinner 3 nights in a row ... who does that sort of thing? TheO (and me)... apparently. Luckily all was wonderful and I do love using the house to its full potential. I occasionally come to this realisation after people have left. The contrast can be quite stark, esp. after 10 days of company.

I love the house mini-margin less when the pump - which brings ALL of our water from the well threatens to give out on us. This gives me palpitations with a house of 10. Luckily plumber comes tomorrow morning. Unluckily plumber probably has to be paid. (Unless we really do live in a mythical place, but I can't imagine the plumber needs jewellery, dog sitting or writing services.)

We celebrated with Islander, MaYa and many weans (both theirs and others) the christening of their 3rd. It was a lovely day with much food (a gut bustingly lovely tea, and a fine supper) and chat.

TheO celebrated her birthday in fine style and we didn't head for bed until 3am on Sat - thereby demonstrating that we are officially NOT OLD. However, knowing that you have to celebrate not going to bed seems to take the shine off the 'not old' thing.

All visitors were in fine fettle and were quite relaxing to have around (apart from the fear of imminent pump-death).

But I didn't really pop in here to talk about any of that. This blog was meant to be about running and has become increasingly domestic. (New blog about such matters due to start... then my faithful readership can split their attention into topics which interest them - rather than hear yet more tails of hoovers and interior designs.)

So, with the running in mind.

On Tues I managed a 4 miler just as the islanders arrived. Just desperately trying to fit in any running is quite hard, particularly when energy is sapped and eating is more structured... But 4 miles was dutifully done in 37.30 avg of 9.23 which made me quite happy, esp as there was a 1mile hill at the start.

But today I managed to do my last long run before the half. 12 miles - OUTSIDE in the quite mild but quite wet weather. After mile 4 I was just loving it. It was a great run where it didn't feel like too much effort (but still hard) and everything flowed. I followed the route to the gym, which does involve some running along a well used B-Road, but it wasn't too bad today.
Managed the 12 in 1.58.28 (9.52 avg - so still a bit down on my inside speed training, but not too shabby) which knocks 2.28 off my last best-ever time. I'm pretty pleased as this is hillier overall than my old route, and any improvement in time makes me happy.

There really is nothing like running outside, and running with a destination rather than just for mileage. I'm fortunate enough to have a partner who'll happily go to the gym when it suits me, rather than them, and then pick me up (almost literally at times). V grateful for this. Destination runs would be almost impossible without her. Now I just need to keep stretching and put loads of Glucosamine gel on my old and aching knees.

Right, plumber coming early, I was only meant to be here for a minute or two to tell you about the run, and I'm knackered. Even more knackered than I was yesterday. Luckily the rest of the week should be quite quiet - only one dinner before the w/end. A v quite week indeed.

Toodle Pip

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