Friday, 23 October 2009

Getting jittery now.

So, the time is nigh. Sunday dawns with a proper half marathon. I've not raced since August 2008 and I can tell.

I've done my training; my panic about sudden illness is overwhelming; and I'm desperately trying to think of all the things I might just need for the race. (Trainers, spare trainers; long running leggings, capri leggings; no sleeves top, short sleeves top, long sleeves top; running jacket, running gillet; sports beans, sports drink... it just seems endless.)

Managed one short leg-sharpening session this week. 3 x .5 of a mile in 4min each. Then lots of stretching, then 1.6miles on the elliptical in a lovely and slow 19.15. Just keeping the wheels turning.

So jittery - and I've got all of tomorrow to live through before I get a chance to sleep on it and get all prepared for Sunday. And the clocks change just to confuse me. And I might have to eat my breakfast in the car.... full of dogs and packing, and everything.

Off to finish some work bits and pieces, then panic some more before bed.
Why does running do this to us - it's not that hard really, and we can stop if it hurts - so why in godsname to I get so freaked out.

Off to check my glands one more time as I convince myself I'm about to get flu.


Bob Babinski said...

Believe in yourself. Even if you have the flu, you will run through it. Good luck!
Meantime, I thought you might be interested in reading this piece about a sportscaster who's work has been transformed by becoming a marathoner:


Anonymous said...

Hopefully by now the pain is over, the memory has started to fade and your planning your next long race? Hope it went well for you.......Alaistair....