Thursday, 2 October 2008

Run run run - Happy happy Joy joy

So, the title tells you I'm tired. It's late. I ran. It affirmed my position mentally as somewhere above 'slug', but below 'antelope' in the fitness tables, and made me a muuuuuch happier human being. Damn it, I might be addicted. Bad moods vanish with running. And there have been bad moods all over the shop (sorry to TheO).

However, in more pleasant news we went to E'burg last week to see Spartan and Blarney who took us out for a faaaabulous dinner at Wedgewood where we drank champagne and nibbled small nibbly things and felt very swanky. This was (an unnecessary but very welcome) part of our nedding present. The boxed bit was a Wii Fit. (Again happyhappy joyjoy.) More later.

After a day in Edinburgh finding more lovely furniture that WASN'T ON THE LIST OF THINGS WE ACTUALLY NEEDED - we headed home and dealt with other house related stuff.

A quick - off road 5K was fitted in (32 min of hell) before dashing off to celebrate Teech living another fine year. Dinner (mmmm, it was a yummy week) in Ducks was fab - the puds are to die for - and our small, happy band drank the place quite dry before heading home (again); us to find happy, tired dogs sleeping on the sofa as they had run with us too.

Finishing off the sort through (that terrible pre-packing stage where you chuck out/ recycle/give to charity all the things you've wasted money on over the years... I even found a shirt I'd never worn) on Saturday left Sunday free for TheO to go and play golf with Teech whilst I attacked the Wii Fit for the first time.

Wiiiii Fit: Great and frustrating and evil. Some of the games are brilliant. I particularly loved hula hooping and ski jump (where I did all the actions and even cheered myself at the end). The strength exercises are evil and made me ache like a mofo the next day. The yoga postures whilst focusing on the balance was brilliant. Less delightful (although hilarious) is when it shows your Mii as fat and depressed as it should be. It's just wrong. Also, why was my Mii shocked at being a lard arse? I was already aware I was a lard arse.

Finally the estate agents have visited. We might even put the old girl on the market and let other people have a lovely time here. Still waiting on them getting back to us - which seems to be all we do these days. (Sighs heavily.)

But, moving on. The 10K was marvellous. It was only in the gym, but it was all on 1% and completed in 59.14 which makes me think I might not have lost too much fitness overall. Also, I didn't need my inhalor at the end, so the other one must be working - and, I managed to keep a nice steady pace and not be too puffed until the sprint finish. I will suffer tomorrow. Oh yes.

Oooo in news forgotten in the whirl of post (I mean bills) - I received some actual Nike shwag a few days ago. I was contacted by them as they were promoting the Here I Am campaign of female athletes in loads of different sports. There's an incredible series of YouTube videos which I suggest you have a look at. (I would link them in by I get all tangled up with the Taiwanese site and can't read the instructions to imbed it/change language or do anything useful.)

I said I would happily promote this as not only to Nike ads actually show women working hard, sweating and competing (rather than being silly prissy little delicate flowers), they make clothes that fit me, and I love their trainers. So in return they sent me a huge promo book full of artwork and images from the campaign. All told in different styles and stunningly printed.

Real blogger shwag. Free stuff just for wittering on. I could get used to this.

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