Monday, 13 October 2008


Why can't I be the kind of person I am when I run?

When I run I am focused, determined, I push myself and I am goal focused.
I am also competitive, confident, assured, and generally quite happy with myself.

Let's just say the house/moving thing is going hard and slow. Much like a marathon you didn't really intend to enter, and your watch is broken, and the mile markers are non-existent, and the water stops are our of supplies, and the weather is 20 degrees hotter than expected, and you forgot to train, and you have blisters. Picture clear enough?


MF said...

But, also like a marathon, think how great you'll feel at the end of it...

Sorry to hear that things are going slower than expected. It must be extremely frustrating to be so close to the finish...

Hope things pick up speed soon and that you are safely nested in the new house before you know it. :o)

warriorwoman said...

I'm a much better person on the run too, it extends to about an hour or two post run as well though.

I'm tempted to make phone calls and build bridges in the middle of runs but I'm not sure the heavy breathing would go down too well.