Wednesday, 24 September 2008


I said I'd be better at this. And still, I neglect my poor blog.

Managed 5 miles in the gym which made me feel like a super star. 47min and all at 1.5 % - maybe I've not lost ever ounce of fitness, even if it feels like it!
A sweet (or sweaty) 5K was also managed outside. (I know, outside, that place with fresh air, and gentle forest sounds, and dog crap...) This was ok, I had 2 dogs, it was dead-flat and I took 29min. Not bad, but it definitely felt harder than I thought it should. Maybe I'm just too demanding.

Other News:
Probably secured some funding to help turn a stable area at the new house into a proper workshop. This is sooooo exciting. I can't wait. Still need to get all the paperwork filed, but the very nice people at our new local authority will help with that.
Finally, after far too many months got new lino put down in the kitchen and bathroom. I'd forgotten what it was like to have flooring in there not full of doggy teeth marks and ripped to shreds - quite refreshing really.

Had a lovely night with Spartan and Blarney last night as TheO was massaging them for her course. Great food, good chat and happy dogs. Perfik. Looking forward to another Nedding present this week - and a party at some point. Mmm much yuminess going on.

All of the rest of my news would be tales of tiles, and paint, and lighting, and fabrics, and tedious in the extreme to anyone apart from me and TheO; but, to be fair it's reached the point where it's tedious for us too.

My ridiculous news for the day is of bag-love. A love that only occasionally raises its perfectly supple, leather head and sings to the hills. Whilst shopping for the above fabrics/lighting/insert item of tedium/bin TheO bought the most incredible bag EVER for me. I drool at the very thought. A proper w/end bag of beauty and wonder - behold. Lily.

I think she's beooootiful. This picture doesn't do her justice, as the one I've got is 7 zips, not 5 and has a few more colours across the top. It's very silly how happy a bag can make a grown woman. It makes a v nice replacement for the overnight bag I was using last night (a Waitrose bag for life).

Off to get some delicious and not nutritious take-away. Then plan tomorrows run, and get the to-do list sorted.

Also a huge hug goes to RF who's having horrid house hideousness in the hills. A warm spot can always be found for you here!

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