Tuesday, 16 September 2008

New Mantra

Well I'm finally back to running. Another two 5Ks have been done since the last post. Both were pretty decent but it's 23 days since I ran further than 5K. This is officially a slump. Luckily I can't wait to build back up.

It's been a damn busy week but with 2 parties as well as the usual stuff.
1st one was a delightfully impromptu bash at Spartan & Blarney's place. Lots of fizz and chilli (cooked by my own fair hand) and chat. I had a wonderful time. TheO managed to give 3 full body massages and a shoulder massage... she must have been knackered! (And not as tipsy as the rest of us.)

The following day we made it back home and then out to RF and Wheeler's House Warming. We had head-torch cheilieeeee in a barn (genius), BBQ (in a barn) and a huge fire burnt all night. (Luckily it was watched by Wheeler who stayed alert* allllll night, just to keep us all safe; this is why the fire brigade came to check the charring the next morning.)
TheO and I had our tent and camped in the back garden/wilderness. We had the blow up mattresses and it was sooo comfy I slept like a baby. Although I clung to my head torch all night like it was some kind of life giving talisman and awoke covered in deep, dark bruises.

Finally this week we've begun to progress with the house. We've picked up more furniture (pretty), ordered more fabric samples, all the paint samples, and chosen a stove (pretty much). We met Kevin today and sorted out the delays (vomiting bug) and asked for all the wee jobs to be sorted out. Also met the decorator to get a quote for all that. And, and - on our return home the skip had arrived. It's now 1/2 full as 3h hard labour moved all the junk from the garage, conservatory and all the bathroom tiles out. It was most satisfying.

Oh, and my new mantra:

The one I use for running is - "not for one step". Over anything less than 16 miles this translates as - I will not walk, not even for one step. My shiny new manta is - "not even one broken plastic spoon". This translates as, not even one tiny broken plastic spoon will move to the new house. No unnecessary shit will be boxed, moved and unpacked. It's all being binned or given to charity. It all goes. The fluff goes, the crap you collect over the years goes, the computer discs for the old computer all go! I'm with William Morris on this, only have things that are beautiful and useful in your life. All the extraneous crap can go in my big ol' battered skip. Who knew a skip could make a girl so happy. (And they're only charging me £10 for the second week.)

*Translation: got drunk and stayed up rambling round the fire with mates alllll night.

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