Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Two Weeks

Crikie. 2 weeks. It really does seem like a long time to have abandoned my little blog. It's only 2, I'm not quite sure how it coped on its own.

The reason for my abandonment is that a terrible apathy/lethargy/grumpiness/lack of desire to exercise came upon me. I did no exercise for 9 days. NINE. This is the longest since my first ever run. However it doesn't seem to have hurt me, and maybe everyone needs a break.

After Coll and the half (which I enjoyed) I'd put in a couple of half hearted small runs. But then we went away to Derbyshire for a few days to see Piano Man. Delightful grub was only barely combated by a lovely walk up and around The Roaches and, officially, the worst 5K ever known to man or woman. It was 34min with 3 mini walking breaks. Walking breaks - in a 5K - what happened? Now in my defence: it was quite hilly and we were up very high in the Peak District. But it wasn't as hilly as some stuff I usually do! Also, it was thick hot mist. So thick you couldn't see more than 15m in front of you. Freaky. Alas, alack this really made me angry. I'd gone out a bit peeved (I couldn't find my water bottle... I found it somewhere obvious that I'd put it. AAARGH) and was hoping that, as usual, the run would make everything better. It was shite.

However I don't think, at least I seriously hope, that 8/9 days of malaise can be blamed on one rubbish run. During that time I also felt a bit off colour. Just that 'I'm about to get a really bad cold' feeling. Tight limbs, little bit of congestion, scratchy throat. Usually I'd try a wee run as it more often than not makes me feel better, not this time. I was also suffering from a might blow of PMT. These things seemed to be conspiring against me. My diet was also rubbish as no one could be bothered to cook anything with a damn vegetable in it. Or cook at all.

Time and 'stuff to do' was very much against me. Things for the house and work have been taking up all my mental space. It's ridiculous but there are so many things to do. Packing, changing of addresses, deciding on everything from door handles to lighting, to colours, to furniture. I find it all a bit too much mentally. The constant making of lists ...

Seriously. I started this, got as far as 'lists' then felt compelled to research about 20 different tile options online. Jeesh. It's like my brain just.can'

So, where was I. Oh yes. A fantastic trip to Derbyshire, was followed the next w/end by Tigger, Badger and HH coming to stay. We had a lovely, very relaxed (I hope) time. On Saturday TheO had spied a Countryside Fair so we packed up Keith with multiple people and pooches (we had RF and Wheeler's dog Dougal to stay too) and wandered round feeling v v outdoorsy. If you had any combination of dog/gun/4x4 then this was the place for you. We managed to see some stunt riding (very impressive), fast pooches (almost as impressive), birds of prey and lots of shopping. I bought a mighty fine hat. (This is really the biggest news I could give - I look rubbish in hats, so this really was a first.) The outdoors made us crave some veggies for dinner and so we combated that with delicious cocktails (and some veggies).

The following day TheO was playing in a few finals at her tennis club ('cos despite all her protestations she's really not bad!). It was foul weather so our guests stayed with me and ate madelaines (thanks Badger) and drank tea. After they were safely departed I went to watch the matches. I turned up just in time to see her win the Ladies Doubles. :) However, another 3h were spent watching other matches (and desperately testing her on her massage homework) and then the Plate match in which she was also playing. Despite it being a hard fought, her partner was definitely having an off day, and they came away empty handed. Luckily the club kept the spectators supplied with tea so we didn't freeze to death. September 7th has never seemed so much like Autumn before.

Yesterday after a day at the house making sure they didn't put the new wall in the wrong place; (Honestly, I arrived moments before they were about to do that! However, disaster averted.) lots of making of furniture;mMeasuring of areas; and basic panic. I finally managed to get home and do some exercise. 40min on the elliptical machine with 1k weights on each arm. It wasn't fast and, as usual, the distance bit wasn't working - but it was probably about 4 miles. I also had the rolling setting on so it worked the legs quite hard. Just have to get back outside now. I know doing it makes me feel much better, and much happier. But the black dog is still nipping at my heels a bit. Ah well, I know we'll get there in the end, but occasionally it seems like there is far more to get done than we can achieve in the time.

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