Sunday, 13 July 2008

It's all still a secret

Sooo - getting back to the busiest week ever.

10th - we high tailed it to the secret location and got lots of details finalised. TheO was due to give Wheeler another massage that eve and he'd been kind enough to offer us food. Somewhat as expected we arrived to find that RF was cooking ... I've no complaints! We had an excellent curry and, oh yes, and - MOLTEN CHOCOLATE BABY CAKES. After a very long day in the car that was just the ticket. It was a lovely catch-up and chat... only mildly marred by the evil black dog f-cking off and scaring us whitless.(There's a road that a demented cocker spaniel could head to if she wished.) Luckily there was only 10-15min of blind panic, and some wine helped to take the edge of TheO's frazzled nerves.

11th - we bought a bed. On our way to get the keys for the new house. It's perfik. We'd spotted it the day before on our drive and went back to have a proper look. The decision didn't take long.
A slightly fraught day was eventually rescued by the views from the new place. It looks quite daunting and will take quite some time to get ship-shape, but it's got all the things our present home is lacking. Also, so many things are really small jobs and quite cosmetic.
As with all home leavers the previous occupants had left us quite a bit of stuff. Sofas, a bed, a dresser... lots of things we don't really want. But they did leave a perfect mountain bike in my size. We think it needs a bit of a spruce up and some new tyres but it's pretty new. I was v excited by this as had been (somewhat reluctantly) considering getting a bike as it's only 1.5 miles to the post office and wee shop from the new place, and it's flat - so there's no excuse for not taking the bike instead of the car.

12th - had to go back to the new place again to meet KT. The lovely guy who's going to do all the work. A very productive meeting. Just got to wait for the quotes now. Whilst waiting I had a wander round the garden and looked at the peonies (my favourite), the huge lavender bush in full bloom, and fed the chickens who did, as promised, all come when I whistled for them. It was one of those ridiculous country idyll moments.
On arriving home I was quite antsy - I've managed almost no exercise this week and as such was feeling a bit out of sorts. TheO took me to 'play' tennis for an hour. She is very patient as I swipe the ball skywards time and time again, but we did manage to have a bit of a hit and as soon as my body remembers to obey the signals my brain is sending out I might be able to return it and get the damn ball in!

13th - today we broke the back of all the wee jobs still to be done for next w/end and made a final list of all the bits and pieces still to be done. The panic is beginning to abate. A bit. The excitement level is also building. I can't wait for it to be happening so I can just enjoy it and stop thinking about all the little niggly lists. (Who am I kidding, there'll always be little niggly lists, I can't help myself.)

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Anonymous said...

Your posts are always so hard to understand, doh! have always been slow on the uptake! this weekend could be special? If it is I really hope you have a brilliant day.....Alaistair...