Wednesday, 1 August 2012

HEAR we go ... again (get it... HEAR, like headphones ...)

My last (saved draft) of a post was all about trying to maintain a relationship with blogger. Well it looks like life got in the way. Pretty majorly.

However, things are going well.

5 mile run in fastest ever time yesterday 44.35 ! And on a hilly Random 9 setting. Knackering!

Free item review:
Also I was luck enough to be sent some JABRA RHYTHM headphones to review and link about. I'm never one to turn down a freebie so here goes:

They are in-ear headphone & really not to shabby for that. 3 sizes of ear piece come with them. Lots of options. I used them with my iphone (link to 3 there - hence the free earphones) and they weren't bad. There are some great options for skipping tracks by tapping the mic. However ultimately I need a volume control more than any other function and that, they do not have. A shame as they are comfy and generally decent. But for me volume control beats fastforward.

Now that I've dealt with the business end of the blog let me mention that life has been so busy as I'm starting a new venture.

Currently my stock is all heavily discounted at Lucklaw Silver but it was time to roll things back. Commissions have been the bulk of my work for 5 years but the economic down turn combined with materials prices that have rised 120% since I started are making it hard to make stock items in a viable way.  I've now decided to just take commissions on an ad hoc basis.

But I cannot rest on my creative laurels and am building up to the full launch of the business below. Please take a look, leave comments, tell friends and generally support small British industry.

Thanks so v much. I hope to be back, blethering, blogging and running - but I keep getting carried away by life.


And my new venture :: hand press print ::

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