Thursday, 17 February 2011

Rambling on

This might be a bit of a ramble. The chg is sitting at the other end of the table working on her dissertation, and I should be working... but blogging seemed like a good idea.

Last week - well some time last week in a period that constituted 7 days I ran 13.3 miles. (The .3 being VERY important.) Not done that in a very, very, long time. Maybe about a year. Boooo. Ah well, at least I'm back at it.

**- this post was interrupted by the computer needing to be plugged in; the dog needing a walk, and some lunch... but lets get back to it -**

Life has been a bit busy of late. I managed to buy a flat to rent. I'm sure it'll all go swimmingly but until I have tenants it just seems like a lot of money left my account for very little reason. Comment from woman at the bank who did the transfer: so now you're penniless! WAS NOT BLOODY HELPFUL.

But in other news I also got all of my new course supplies. All v v exciting. Many books, many bits of paper and a whole bunch of daunt. Ah well, it'll all be wonderful. Right? RIGHT?

Managed to see the lovely Meeper this week (and eat enough pizza to knock out most of the 13 miles), and catch-up with HH and Teech as they enjoyed some half term relaxation before they get sucked into the joy that is Masterchef... also a wee trip down the coast to Dunbar - nice to see the sea properly. )Despite living so close I'm always in the park... incredible what something being easy does. Need to work out quick route to Portabello and get the dog sandy more often.

The gym has been calling me, yet again, and I've discovered that only Friday night is quiet. The others are MENTAL. And has anyone done some anthropology study about behaviour in gyms. Why people would watch TV when you can people watch is beyond me, I'm endlessly fascinated.


10th: 4 miles - 34.30 - hill setting Level 7. (523 calories)
The weird row/delt machine 3 x 12 (25kg)
Waist machine 3 x12 (47.5kg)
Triceps hand weight 6kg 3 x 12

16th: 5k 27.38 Hill setting 8. 393 calories.
Then the waist machine on 50kg 3 x12

After the gym last night I pegged it home and cooked pasta whilst showering. From leaving gym to sitting washed with supper was 25min... I think the only PB I've achieved in months.

Off to take CHG to see Blarney for the first time. Apparently her daughter was told I was coming and asked for the dog. Moment of GENIUS. She gets extra cake.

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