Monday, 28 February 2011


Proper news. The chg is taking a career break, working on her dissertation and hanging around in EDINBURGH for a bit. Bloody lovely to get to see her all the time.

I also picked up the keys to the flat in Inverkeithing and discovered it wasn't anywhere near as bad as I had thought it might be. You know, that moment when you walk in and think... what the hell have I done!? Well, I might have done alright. The letting agent seemed permanently surprised by how nice it was... or she was just being lovely. Still a fair few bits and bobs to get sorted out - but it'll get there.. and I will find tenants... I will. I will I will I will I will I will.

Moving on... went to a lovely book making class at Granny Greens last Monday. Made 2 books, loved the stitching, but as the instructor kept saying how perfect and pernickity book makers were a few of us said, "but you can just judge it by eye, right?" Not a perfectionist and proud of it!

The last week has involved a fair few jaunts. The sunshine has brought out the explorer. So Perthshire, Trossachs, and Fife have all been visited and enjoyed. Quiet spots for a bit of spring contemplation. Lovely. Come on sunshine.

Watching the park change has been spectacular. Suddenly realising a tree that looked dormant and all wintery has changed to a glowing red as the buds appear has been lovely. And watching the pigeons attempt their mating dances on the rooftops opposite demonstrates the hilarious preening nature of beasts and man. Also seeing the crags come alive with figures at sunset as everyone clamours to see the colours over Edinburgh. Ahhh.

Right, enough waffle. I've been busy eating cake (as chg does like to bake!) and neglecting the gym... but today, I decided that it had to be the gym. Even an Ikea trip was delayed so I could go. (It was THAT serious.)

So stats:
4 miles Hill setting Level 8 in 36.15 (555 calories - so barely covered the lemon curd tarts!)
Machine 6 - the twisty waist thing on 52.5Kg (3 sets of 12)
Assisted chinup on 33Kg 6 repetitions
Assisted dip on 33Kg 6 repetitions *** Oooo just checked and I was meant to do it on 47kg so no wonder it was so bloody hard. Delighted I could do it though... go me.... although I might be in agony tomorrow.
Triceps dip 6Kg weight (3 sets of 12)

And I'll add that I had a 90min walk prior to the gym too. So I feel smug, but still fat :-)


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MF said...

Yeah, but it sounds like fat and happy... ;o) (and I suspect not even that fat!! ;o) ).

Delighted to hear your good news. It's very heartening and makes me feel better (that happiness by association thing). And delighted that you seem so blooming happy and content! :oD