Friday, 4 February 2011

I've got the glow.

So I might as well blog now whilst I feel all righteous and buzzy. But then, that could just be the Twix. *ponders to self - why don't Cadbury's make a Twix, with their caramel and their chocolate it would be even better*

Right: Almost 2 hours spent in the wonder of the gym. I've finally capitulated and at least bought an Edinburgh Leisure card (£25) so the gym experience is now 25% cheaper each wince-some time.

Let's go through what I did in detail (bet you're all thrilled):
RUN: 10K - trumpets sound as choirs of angels are slowly drifting down to earth - 56.06 - Hill setting 5. (Think the last time I ran 10K was April 2010 - so it's been less than a year... just.) Delighted by this. I will feel it tomorrow but the average is about a second over a 9min/mile which pleases me no end. Think I was helped by Countdown being on the tiny, fuzzy, mini screen on the treadmill. The new Carol wears inappropriately tight and short dresses... is she trying to give the old dudes a heart attack? Didn't have headphones - but entertained myself nonetheless; shame as Greg "cooking doesn't get tougher than this" Wallace was the guest, and I would have liked to hear him too.

So after this run, I could have limped away... but I did not. I quickly nipped out to the corridor to call my solicitor and say yes, give them the extra £2000 for the flat I want. All sorted... now I just have to wait until Monday as they're now shut. Boo. Was suggested I put in the extra 2K - but they wouldn't say it was a definite if I did that... pah, if I don't get it, another one will come along... probably.

Important phone calls made I returned to do the non-aerobic portion of my gym session:

The incredible waist making machine (it's hard not to kiss it):
3 sets of 12 on 45Kg

Then a new torture - the Row/Rear Delts machine - seated, weighted pull thing:
One set of 12 on 27.5Kg
2 x 12 on 25Kg - made me feel like a pussy, but I never work out by back... and it showed.

Having watched a wiry, terrifying man torture a woman for about an hour I then approached him to request how to use the assisted chin and dip machine... Now it is assisted, so the weight is taken OFF your weight, rather than that being the weight you are lifting.
47kg was the setting I did one set dips, one set chin lifts.
He also assured me that he'd torture me for free if I booked a session. V v tempting - he was killing that woman... and she was uber-fit, the kind of woman where she looks perfectly lovely and 'feminine' (whatever that may be) but nothing wobbles... bitch

Then the lat pull down:
2 x 12 on 19Kg
1 x 12 on 26Kg

Finally the sodding tricep weight dip with a 6Kg weight. After the chin & dip machine this was torture, it took me all my time to get through the 3 sets of 12.

I left in a sweaty puddle to buy a Twix and pick up the free copy of The Stylist which is a fantastic Style magazine. Oh the joy of free city newspapers.

Now I'm stuck listening to the washing machine which of put on 60 seems to last for about 3hours... stop spinning, please stop spinning.

Off to shower - eat, then many hours hence collect CHG from the station... what a lovely end to the week.


Eva said...

Love your blog, how on earth do you remember what weights and calories you've done!

Well done on your hard work.

SAM said...


Thanks for your comment. I remember by writing it all down. Used to use pen & paper - now I use my phone.

I'm driven by knowing how I'm doing/progressing so the stats matter to me... but not everyone is such a freak. :-)