Friday, 12 November 2010

The Big Smoke

As an alternative to Auld Reekie it does alright. I'm very glad to have both in my life.

I've not really taken 'full advantage' of all London has to offer this time. But as such I'm a more relaxed, and financially better off, person. (Not a bad combo I think.)

However, there has been great Thai food; a fantastic roast with new friends; catching up with an old school chum; a pub quiz*; and tonight some Ska in Camden ... so maybe that last one is a 'bit London'.

And I even managed to fit a run in. 31.35 for a fairly flat 5k.... it seems to mock me when I know I go faster when there's a big hill - possibly a case of rising to the challenge (both literally and metaphorically). Big News from the run was that the gold dog is now up to speed - she was ahead of me the whole time and seemed to love it - either that or the biting wind made it her only option to keep warm.

But I've been a tiny bit under the weather so the rest of the exercise has been walking... lots, and lots of walking. Baffie fulfills her roll as *squirrel patrol* and we wander about enjoying all that Autumn has to offer. Although - much less pretty post storms... boo. I'm in awe of the leaves still holding on in the face of winds that brought down a 30 foot rowan.

*Getting back to the Pub Quiz. A Pub Quiz is, done well, a many splendored thing. This one was a corker. The quiz master appeared in biker leathers and on first glance (and second and third glances) looks a lot like Jeff Goldblum (not relevant info, just adding a bit of 'colour'). Enormous booming voice that easily informed and controlled the room. There were 20 basic questions per half and about 4 bonus questions. A picture sheet with all sorts of stuff on it (good mix) and a maths/knowledge puzzle at half way (worth a massive £240 - no one got it; I wished RockGod had been there as it was a F1 question I think he'd have nailed). There were also a few bonus, free drink questions. A better time could not have been had. I discovered that the chg ROCKS at pub quizzes. Far too many times for my liking I was left saying, "but HOW do you know that?!" However her knowledge of crisp flavour colours was shocking :-p (Do you see the tiny fragment of dignity I'm clinging to here? And also my personal level of general knowledge...)

So I'm mostly just stopping in to get back into the habit of blogging. Because sometimes it's easy to be too self conscious; too concerned about what you've got to say - and the point (of this blog anyway) has been far more free-form than that. It's a bit of a verbal wander pegged to some dodgy running stats. (Think this should be the tag line?)

Right - off to walk the paws of the dog before getting ready for some serious Ska North London action whilst watching Mad Men on the big TV.... oh, this is the life!

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Cuppa Queen said...

OK, now I am left with a real craving to go to a good old-fashioned pub quiz (Jeff Goldblum MC optional). The one at , pub on Easter Road, was quite good if I remember - fancy going along one night? Hx