Tuesday, 1 September 2009

So now I'm back, somebody new, not that ....

you get the idea.
Roberta is the only way I could return without feeling shame, SHAME I tell you, for abandoning you all in this month of rain and misery.

Now I'm usually quite stoic about weather, it happens, you can't change it, you just have to live with it; but Jeeesus, it has to stop raining soon. No really, anytime would be fine. Sometime before most of the road and some pieces of the house actually float off would be most appreciated.

Now since the run of greatness (see far below) things took a somewhat pear-shaped turn as my bursitis flared up in my hip and I had to both take break from running and cancel running the Coll Half (it has not been a good year for races this year). This means that I've been trying to do a few bits and pieces so as not to lose the fitness.

Managed to swim 1K in the pool - which isn't tiring at the time, but you feel it a few hours afterwards. Also lots, and lots, and lots of dog walking. Have discovered that if I walk them enough they behave like angels in the evening - it's incredible - and fantastic. Definitely 2 long walks a day from now on... oh well, maybe not in the worst bits of winter...

During this time of blogglessness we had a fab w/end with HH, Teech, Spartan and Blarney who even brought the littlest up to see us for the first time (first time here, not first time seeing) and she behaved like an angel - went to the pub, survived a dinner party and was generally adorable. We were also spoilt by the neighbours who turned up with a rifle on Sunday for some target practice and mushrooms, which HH fell upon with glee.

One of our lovely neighbours also fed us last week. A fantastic 3 course dinner with 2 puddings! How did she know. It was fantastic and we managed to get drunk enough to stumble home very slowly at 1am.

Now TheO is away with HH in Copenhaaaaagen enjoying the finest food known to humanity and I am here, blogging, getting some work done and sorting out some housey stuff. Yesterday was a right-off for various reasons (but I'm blaming the rain) so today is going to be much more organised. Oh yes.

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The Professor said...

Sorry, been under a rock and only just caught up with this post! Sorry about the hip - that sucks :(