Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Lists are easier. And some days are great.

Parental visits - 2 ! Shock horror. Not only have my Dad and his wife now visited our place, he actually came and fixed stuff - it's been 10years since he last fixed anything for me... I'm thinking the new wife brings out the parental side.

Food with neighbours - 2

Miles Run - 8 (getting there slowly)

Dog Miles walked - 16+

Beach walks - 1

Meals made by friends - 1
(and damn we're thankful... despite lack of contact)

Possible houses found for friends - 1
(there'll be something wrong with it, but at least it's nice to find a possible-on-paper)

Trees down taking corner of garage and smashing woodpile window - 1

Hours spent moving tree debris - 3.5
Satisfaction at moving all the wood and making a new woodpile - immense

Spa Experiences - 1

Grass Cut - 1
Knackering of Mower - 1
- if the grass is sooo long you can't see the tree stump...

Bottles and jars of foraged Rosehip Syrup made - 3

Whole attitude to housework adjusted and improved - 1

Rings to rule them all - 1

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