Saturday, 26 September 2009

Run and Walk and Sleep.

Lovely fast 4 miles on Thursday - but in the gym again as cold and windy. Did 2 sections of 3min at 9% which was bloody hard but managed not to slow down and keep a good 9.15 pace.

No time to let the legs relax as we had a great walk with RF and Dougal-dog on Friday. We finally walk over the big hill at the top of our road. The best possible day for it, amazing stretching views, wonderful sunshine and enough wind to make you feel like the 'summit' was much higher than it really was. 6.5 miles in 3h 15min. Not too shabby given dog distractions.

Even managed to find a geocache too - hidden but spotted by RF - we left snacks... and took tools.

This was after our impromptu plucking and gutting lesson. In return for dog sitting our neighbour (Tay) had left us some very recently shot Grouse... feathers'n'all... luckily Dotty was on hand to make it a simple, if occasionally stinky process to get them 'dressed'.

Today got the house sorted. And seeing everyone tomorrow to celebrate Teech's bday. :-)

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