Tuesday, 6 January 2009

2008 - a review

Thank god for the BIG things that happened in 2008 'cos otherwise it was a fairly unremarkable year.

In order of events: Marathon, Married, Moved. (And they even alliterate, how thoughtful.)

Marathon etc:
This means that early (cough... first 6 months) 2008 involved a lot of running. Also my first ever proper Trade Show and an Art Show @ Edinburgh Art School. But man alive, there was a lot of running. Oooo - got to start that again soon. Luckily the running was worth it and the marathon experience was nothing but positive. So positive I've already signed-up for the next Edinburgh marathon.

Well, as my faithful reader will know this was bloody marvellous. Probably the best days of my life. Still damn happy about the whole shebang. And still loving all the wonderful nedding presents that we use every day. I could go on more about the fabulousness of TheO but the British in me knows it would only get embarrassing.

A long and protracted process which I am delighted is over. Bears comparison to child-birth. You know it's going to be hideous but nothing really prepares you for the raw physicality when it actually does. (Esp if you move everything yourselves. A process that now I can take some pride in - but at the time was murderous.)

Moving also makes you reassess your life in terms of possessions. I love possessions. I love my 'stuff'. But even though over the last 5 years I've really got to grips with my love/compulsion of buying and spending; there was a lot of crap to throw out/recycle. Even today whenever I open a box (only 84 still to go) I find more stuff I don't need or want.

I think now, that 30 (more of that soon) may be the time when I really start to think even more carefully about what I buy. I have a passion for luxury. You just have to be prepared to have less stuff, but stuff that's better quality. I'd rather have one lovely cashmere jumper that I wear to death than 4 different ones from Next. (Current jumper being sported has mended holes and 2 paint stripes across the back - hell, if I can't see them I don't care so much ... that attitude also runs to my arse!)

Now things are finally a little more settled. Our old house was sold with little fuss and I've just spent the day unpacking most of the bits and pieces from my study so my desk is now set up and I'm typing in comfort rather than perched on a chair with my nose practically pressed up against the screen as my hands cramp from the keyboard being at a weird angle. The simplest form of bliss.

---- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ---- ---- ----- ---- ---- ---

TheO also had a busy year where she increased her talents by becoming a trained massage therapist. Genius! She passed her exams with flying colours (96%) and is ready to "heal" for 2009.
Another aspect of this massage malarkey was that her case studies had a knock-on effect for me. I got to spend some quality time with our friends in much smaller number. It made me appreciate the power of a good chat and some food made in company and eaten at leisure. Sometimes all you need with people is time, then you have a proper chat and some good quality catch-up.

With friends in mind I was also delighted to discover quite how well our friends know us. Their planning of the HAG w/end echoed our plans for the nedding so perfectly (damn them) it was almost spooky. Bless em and their fiendish ways.

I don't know what 2009 holds. I love that. After such a busy year with so many plans it seems great to have a few things sketched into the future (that pesky marathon keeps lurking) but nothing too definite. TheO is fixed on more travel and I need to work more (not the most compatible of pairings but we always work it out). I'd also like to get the house *finished*. I know all those who have ever moved into a 'project' house are laughing now. I know we'll never really be finished, but I'd like to get the first stages of work done - the things we planned before moving in, that would be nice.

There will also (all things being right) be our first CheeseBoard baby. An event that makes me so delighted I can hardly contain myself. So delighted I think the actual parents might like me to contain myself a little more. Hell, if we can't breed it's great that people I love dearly are prepared to have some little mini-them running around.

As with 90% of the Western world I also intend to reach a healthy weight this year. I'm a little pissed off that I didn't manage it by 30. I still could ... but only if I didn't have 28lb to lose and 17 days before the bell tolls. Ah well, as with all goals that are not quite achieved - I'll make sure I do it within the year in which I'm 30, like running a 10K and making sure I do it within the hour (and yes, 60:43 does - sort of - count!).

My only concern is that 29 and correspondingly 2008 was such a great year (one I really can look back with true gratefulness) that I'm not sure 30 and 2009 can top it. However I also know that as with everything in life you really do only get out what you put in.

(Unless it's food, then using that philosophy will only end in tears.)

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Happy New Year SAM......hope it's good for you both.....Alaistair...