Wednesday, 26 March 2008


Well, the w/end was great. I'm now in post w/end slump. We had a lovely Eastery time and played more than the usual amount of games. (It was fab!) Poor HH got a nasty bout of tonsillitis thought. I swear I too would have it - if I had tonsils; I'm left just feeling a little below par today. Ah well.

This explains, to some crappy extent, the shitty run I had yesterday. It was meant to happen on Saturday, it was meant to be about 10 miles of easy recovery. It really took place 3 days late and only covered 8.5 miles. Hmmm. Also, it was mind numbingly slow. I began to wonder if the only reason I got faster as a runner was because I couldn't stand to watch the milage tick up sooo slowly?

8.53 miles
avg 10.37

11.01 - boo hiss

1221 - calories - really!!! Sooo slow

Just couldn't get up to speed. Was aiming for a a nice slow run - and it was all pretty flat, and the wind was behind me - but it was torturously slow. Kept thinking: Ah, this is comfortable and discovering it was 11min/mile pace ...

At least I covered the miles, and feeling a little crappy today does help to explain (that and the rubbish diet over the w/end) why it was so bad. Nevermind. Rest today with plenty of fluids and I'll be back on form in no time. If my head doesn't explode from work pressures that is.

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