Friday, 21 March 2008

Not a week off...

Did go to the doctor to see about my hip. Let me recount:

Me: I was doing this race at the week end and after about 7 miles my hip started to hurt.
Doc: So you stopped?
Me: No, it wasn't that sore, it was a race!
Doc: So you didn't stop? *shakes head disparagingly*
Me: No, it was a race. I'd have stopped during a training run. *presents winning smile*
Doc: Right. Shoes and jeans off - on the table, please.
Doc examines "hip" and tell me, with a big grin: You'll be delighted to know there is nothing wrong with your hip. It's just some inflammation in this muscle here *pokes "hip" v hard*
Me, left whimpering - so glad there's nothing 'wrong'.

So, he said keep it moving and don't do anything that hurts. Genius - not off the running.
Downside is that my allergy to ibruprofen is not an allergy to that drug - it's an allergy to all anti-inflammatories. Seriously. I just have to ice stuff and see what happens. Nice.

So, taking his advice on board I went to the gym on Wednesday (19th) and did 4 lovely miles. I stopped and stretched my hip out after 1.3 and the dull ache disappeared after that. 4 miles @ 9.45 pace. Then tricep pull on 4 (3 x 12), lateral pull on 6 (3 x 12 - this was HARD). Tummy machine on level 14 for 20 reps; then level 15 for 17 reps, then 13 reps. Again, this was the highest weight so far and it was brilliant fun. Weird.

Thursday (20th) met two old friends from school and reminisced for 4 hours (oh, and ate cake too). It was bloody hilarious. Nothing like being reminded of quite how nuts you were at 16. (It was a girls school if this helps to explain in any way.) Also, I felt less wrinkled than others present. (evil but true)

Today (21st) I managed to get yet more work done (a habit I really have to keep up) and go to the gym. I decided to do a fast session. 5 miles in 44 min, all at 2 %. It was like doing 10 yassos with no stops at 4.24 per yasso - I'm quite pleased with that. 8.48 average pace for the whole thing. It was tough and sweaty but made me feel much better. The cake later made me feel much worse. :(

Looking forward to a great Easter w/end. Friends coming to visit - should be fun.

ps/ Thank you for all the kind comments. They made me : )

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