Friday, 14 March 2008

A good day.

I've had a day so productive it only seems fair to take some time out and blog. Lots of work was done today - lots of bits and pieces sorted out. A lovely order from Canada - god bless tinternet.

Had a good week exercise wise. 10th Did a nice 5.25 miles on the treadmill. All at 2.5%- good to make a workout subtly harder. All 9.40 or faster. Properly hard work, even if I meant to do 10K and was driven away from the machine by two young guys who smelt so bad I thought I would vomit.

The 11th and 12th we gave the pooches some lovely walks and had a great lunch with Farmer's Wife(tobe). It's been great to take advantage of the nice(er) weather. SUNSHINE makes me happy - even when it's a bit blustery.

13th Headed to the gym again for a speed session. Did yassos. 6 sessions at 4.03-4.10 pace (much faster than last time) then an extra 0.1 of a mile just to get to 5K. All at 1.5% incline. Then the tummy machine - I managed to do it on my highest ever setting - 14! I can't wait till I can lift the whole lot (maybe someday in a galaxy far far away). Did the lateral pull and the tricep pull too. However, the BIG news of the day was definitely TheO managing her fastest ever 5K and getting it in under 30min. It's such a great psychological barrier to be broken, I'm horribly proud.

Today was a gentle dog walk and oodles of work. Need to do a slow 30min on the elliptical and then I'll be all prepared for the Half on Sunday. Quite nervous as I have personal goals in mind, but the point is to enjoy it and get round safely without swearing too much or kicking small children out the way.

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