Friday, 12 December 2008


Wow - the time is just flying. Which is pretty great considering the vast amount of family loitering round our house waiting for S-in-L to pop. She's now in the hospital being induced (where she has been since last night with no real progression). Fingers v firmly crossed.

I have to say it's been an incredible trip so far (20 days so far) and nothing is really getting on my wick apart from having no time to do anything, and no space. I just want to veg out and watch inappropriate TV. I basically just want to do anything inappropriate. Best behaviour (ish) isn't really my forte - and neither is mess. I love my nephews even more than I ever have but I begin to understand the parenting fascists who give their children minimalist toys "to develop their imagination" (and keep their houses looking lovely). No, I jest. It really has been fab - it's just a long ole haul. Luckily the grandparents get to say things like, "I don't think the sitting room should be used as a playroom when there are other rooms in the house." It's true - use anywhere but stop taking all the cushions off our new sofas and diving onto them. But you begin to sound a bit anti-kid and precious if it comes from you. Three Cheers for Grannu and her sensible child rearing. And three cheers for delightful boys listening to Grannu and not giving her a hard time.

The last week saw us miss Spartan's 30th bash (v. sorry) but have an incredible day with the 'phews when they both (through some twist of fate) got to ride in Santa's sleigh through Dunkeld on a perfect snowy and crisp sunshine day being pulled by reindeer. (This was after a puppet show, and before some pot/dinosaur painting - brilliant!)

Some other days are a real blur but after some frantic packing I made it to E'burgh on Tuesday night to celebrate with Spartan properly. He's done some shopping with TheO during the day - and then we all went out for a meal at a fabulous new location. One of the best settings I have ever encountered. The food was excellent to start and for pud - but the mains were both a little poor and a little prosaic. Hmmm. It was, however, one of the best nights out I've had in a while. Got to love getting the glad-ish rags on and feeling all relaxed when it's been so mad here.

The other news for the week is that our house sale DID go through. The money and keys have changed hands and we are v damn happy about it. A huge level of anxiety is finally gone; I always assume that everything will go tits-up until the final moment. That was the big joy for today. We've had a van for 2 days this week to get everything else shifted; we even managed to move the tractor mower ourselves. Now that it's all here I can declare that it was worth it. (Every box whilst lifting it however was not worth it.) Got to love hindsight.

So all in all a great week. Now if only I could get some xmas shopping done I'd be a little bit calmer. Eeeek. It's how long 'til xmas??

Also - can I please stop producing quite so much mucus. I'd like to be able to not be surrounded by tissues, not cough a lung up at every oportunity, and maybe breathe some time before 2009! Is that asking too much? Is it?

ps/ Anyone out there who reads this and expects crimbo tidings - we're not doing xmas cards this year - we've left it too late and have too many other things to do. We send you the appropriate amount of xmasy love and good wishes. With any luck we'll be in touch once we've really got the house sorted and have settled a bit more sedately. (Possibly not until 2010.)

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