Saturday, 13 December 2008

New Addition to the family

So - she popped!
He (for yes, it seems it is an impossibility for Islander and Ma-Ya* (for that is Sisinlaw's new moniker for blogland purposes) to produce a female child) was born at 1.28am today and is damn cute. Cute beyond measure. And will be referred to as Jr from now on.

It's been an eventful day apart from that. She is already back home with us and taking 3rd childdom in her stride. It's Islander's birthday tomorrow so the plan is to celebrate in fine style.
And maybe raise a glass to the prospect that our old place is no more (to us).
And possibly spend some time being glad that the drains might have been fixed. Let us not speak about the level of urg that I've seen today. Blocked mains drain is a terrible, horrible, thing. Ick. Ick.Ick.Ick.

The drain specialists have been at 9pm on a Saturday evening. And they return again tomorrow morning. Wish us lots of luck. A full septic tank would be a good result. A fucked-up mains drainage pipe would be a very bad result. Hell, we'll sort it whatever happens. I have the joy of having held my 3rd nephew for the first time today. He slept in my arms for about 40min and was truly wonderful. All petty iritations melt away with a baby in your arms. It's almost like some weird sort of therapy. I've felt a lot of love for my nephews over the last few weeks and this adorable little addition just reaffims quite how much I adore them and their company. Having children in your life adds a different dimension that nothing else quite matches (still happy to be able to hand them back though!).

Ah well. Must get some more xmas planning done this week. I have, the CB will be delighted to know - bought the stockings! And some work. And generally get life back to some level of normality. Must also stop eating like a P.I.G and maybe go for a run. Also get rid of this cold, seriously - I felt even worse than usual today. Maybe a good sleep will help. It would be damn nice.

*Maya is mother of the Buddah - but I also think it sounds brilliant.

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