Wednesday, 19 January 2011

This is going to hurt tomorrow.

I'm trying to get back into this blogging lark I really am.
More an 2 posts a month would be a start.

I've cooked for HH and Teech (again with the Orkney Fudge Cheesecake... too good, and too easy to not make... and a stoved chicken thing that was all potato, chicken and garlic goodness).
This was before it baked in the oven for about 75mins. The delightful shine is all buttery goodness.

I then tried to run off some of the chickeny goodness by doing a 5k the next morning. It was sans dog and therefore a little bit faster; think it was just under 30min - not bad considering the magnitude of the hill. This helped to aliviate my guilt, but not my hunger, as I headed out to dinner with Meeper and Ceegar. A really lovely night of chatting, drinking (if my hangover the next morning was anything to go by WOW were those gins strong). Good to all catch-up.

After starting the running with more conviction I've had the odd twinge in my back. It was well and truly buggered when I moved house in 2008, and then moving in 2010 didn't help it any. Not sitting awkwardly (which I do all the sodding time) and yoga seem to help... so I did some yoga.

It wasn't exactly 45min of torture, but it was clear that I haven't stretched out properly in quite some time. Will try and add it into what I laughably call a 'routine' with a little more regularity. I do like it though; dynamic ashtanga yoga has a lot going for it - even if my 'practice' is more about staying moving than it is about 'the breath'. Grrr

So after creaking my way through the post yoga days, and seeing Pickle for a lovely coffee and catch-up (Valvona & Crolla's coffee was lack luster to say the least, but the lemon polenta cake was delightful); I headed out to Granny Greens. (Or as I think of it - truly the best craft group there could ever be. People are friendly, chatty, and everyone just gets on with whatever they are making.) I took 2 extra balls of wool with me and was delighted to be half way through the last by the time I headed home. The wooly made for the chg is finished, just in time to take it to Amsterdam! It should have been a scarf, it is a small blanket... possibly the largest thing I have ever made. I only hope I can fit it in my small travel case.... or maybe I'll just have to wear it, and pack my scarf... Oh god, it's huge - migrant families could use it for shelter.

But, today, and here we get to what should be the backbone of my blog, I ***WENT TO THE GYM*** The gym, that is less than 5 min walk from my house, that I had yet to frequent. Well, I went. And I paid £6.90. It was not peak time. And if you want to shower it's another £1.30... I'm only glad I live so close.

The only negative is the cost. The place is pretty great with more machines than any other gym I've ever been in... and there's even a modicum of natural light, and plenty of water machines.
I tell a lie - there's another negative, the damn machines are in Kilometres. Pah. This did make me go faster though.

So, enough waffle onto the achievement portion of the post:
5 miles (count 'em) - in 46.22 (this averages at 9.16 a mile - much more like it). And I did genuinely feel like I could probably have made it to the 10k point. Always a good feeling. But as I haven't run as far as 5miles since APRIL 2010 (*red with shame*) it would have been seriously foolish to push it any further. I used the new and shiny (and dead comfy to run on) machine on HILL setting level 5. Not massive hills - only up to about 4% - but enough to make it a proper work out for the glutes. Other machine notes: nowhere to balance the ipod to actually watch anything, but a good little cubby if I wanted it to listen to stuff. Also a great water bottle holder. (Sometimes it's the simple things that make a difference.)

Then, and here I will bore you as I need to write it down as a log, I did some of the machines.
An incredible obliques and abs machine which is going to make me scream tomorrow morning as I roll over. Kneel on a pad, rotate your body to grasp the chest pad, hold yourself in place and do weighted lower body rotations.... did 3 sets of 12 for each side. First two sets on 35Kg, last set on 40Kg. Then 3 sets of 12 (weight 19??) on the lat pull down; and 3 sets of triceps dips holding a 6kg weight. So I didn't go mental with the gym work after the run, but I tried to work out the bits of me that get ignored (anything but the legs really). Think the new Ab machine might be a real favorite though.... oh so good, feeeel the burn.

Definitely time for bed. Lovely to feel so physically knackered... but makes my typing bad.

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MF said...

I've made that stoved chicken before - yum! Maybe I should do so again...

Good work (with the blogging and the exercise!) I wish I had your energy to do anything similar!!