Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Arrrg, passage of time faster than I would like.

So, whilst Juneathon didn't kill me, July seems to have taken me hostage and kept me well away from the ol' blogosphere. It wasn't an uneventful month.

* There was an excellent lunch at Sangsters with the neighbours. Much laughter and good wine.
* Some running, but not enough. I managed an adequate 10K outside before heading to ...
Santorini: it was a wonderful, relaxing (read: lard-inducing), hot, luxurious holiday. It's been 2 years since I was away for more than a few nights in the UK, and it was bliss to not have a phone, any internet (ok, internet would have been nice), and just be in the heat for 7 whole days. I could describe more but I hope the following images give a clear picture.

On returning I'd barely carried my extra stomach up stairs before we were heading out to compete in the 2009 Mouse Race. (Posts from 20th-ish July 2008 will give full details of the concept.) This time it was held at Wheeler and RFs - this is because Wheeler won last year by amassing such a vast stack of points for various activities that he could not be beaten.

This year we were treated to Bacon butties and coffee on arrival :-) Not only that but the only blissfully sunny day of the last week! Then the games included dog agility (Baffie's bidability proved to be useful, and Bridie's biscuit addiction was no bad thing), space hopper jockey racing, treasure hunt, boule, gladiator battle in a river (see below where I can be seen attacking a small child), tree swings and pinata, skittles, quoits, arts and crafts, costume show and some genius rounders in grass as high as pooch; Teech's slide into the last base to win our team the game was a stroke of brilliance but TheO deserved all the plaudits as she scored 80% of all the rounders and was a force to be reckoned with. Throughout the day food was brought out to keep our strength up. And we finished with a barbecue, some excellent jamming on the guitar, fiddle and cello, and a little impromptu ceilidh dancing.

The outcome of all this was that I went into a highly competitive points frenzy and WON! You know when your serious rival is 11 that you should probably calm down, but who cares, as I was an organiser last year I couldn't take part. And yes, this does mean that next year I can't take part as we'll be hosting "Mouse Race 2010, bringing it home".

Since victory was assured I've not been resting on my laurels, today I finally dragged myself out for a proper run, a 5 miler, although it was hot, and hard, and quite unpleasant at times. But I had to do something to try and recover from the meat feast that was a barbecue followed by a huge roast Sunday lunch with Teech and HH.

Having just discovered that we don't have to go and cat sit in the middle of August this coming month is looking like it should be full of nice meetings with friends, work and pooch walks. Oh, and maybe a little more running if I want to be ready for the Island half in 3 weeks time. Eeeeek. I might even have a moment to blog it.

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